Our Solutions

We make seed to sale tracking easier.

Professional Services

 You need a team to take the guesswork out of setting up your inventory control processes. That’s what we do! We’ll work with you to plan your systems, supply you with the equipment you need, and set everything up the right way. Then, we’ll help you improve your processes over time.

Experienced Consulting

You know Cannabis. We know manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, and fulfillment. Whether you’re a startup or existing operation, we can help you increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

Needs Analysis

Through site surveys and operational assessments, our experienced team will work with you to create a unique plan for your specific needs. We also offer startup, facility, and workflow design.

Process Improvement

We can make compliance easier and help you improve your efficiency and accuracy. Leveraging technology, system integration and best practices, we’ll help you automate manual processes.

Advanced Access

We have earned the highest rankings and reputations with top-tier technology players through repeated successful deployments. Our advanced status gives you access to the best pricing tiers and advanced resources.


Once we figure out what you need, we’ll get it for you! Our close partnerships with the top equipment brands means you’ll get the best fully-warrantied equipment at a great price.


Barcode Printers

No matter what or how much you print, we have the right printer for you.

Color Printers

Stop throwing away money. Everything you need to easily print high quality labels on-demand.


Best in class barcode & RFID devices with advanced features, scan rates, and lifespans.

Mobile Devices

Turbocharge productivity. Rugged devices bring technology to where the work gets done.


Seed to Sale

Get a handle on inventory control, ingredient tracking, and production costing.


Manage your entire warehouse from anywhere via customizable software.

Barcode + RFID

Design your own labels with simple software solutions. Then print as needed.


Managing inventory doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Automate it!

Ongoing Support

From supplies to troubleshooting by our in-house tech experts… once you’re a Cannabis Inventory Control customer, we’ve got you covered!

Barcode and RFID Supplies

We have 28+ years’ experience matching quality labels, tags, ink, and printheads to the hardware and labeling demands. Our advanced status with top manufacturers gives access to best pricing tiers and advanced resources.

Certified Tech Support

Our techs have years of experience, training, and recertify regularly. Certified with multiple providers, we offer troubleshooting, authorized repairs and parts, extended warranties, preventative maintenance and training.

Label Printing Service

We print labels with low minimums, high quality, and fast turnaround at reasonable prices. We format and print variable data and encode RFID tags. We can also set you up with on-demand labeling at your own location.

Ready to grow?

Get in touch to learn more about how we can set up your systems and help monitor your operation. Let's grow together.